• Testimonials

    Capital Electric has been a highly valued electrical contractor for The Rants Group for many years. No matter what the scope of work, they can do it all while delivering superior service and quality of work with competitive, affordable rates. The Rants Group is a commercial brokerage, property management and development company. When we send Capital Electric to the job site, their professional staff is a very good representative of The Rants Group whether they are taking care of a Tenant’s electrical needs, installing electrical service at a new facility, trouble shooting for complicated electrical situations or providing advice on achieving better energy efficiency.

    We appreciate the good service they provide and the contribution they are committed to making to our community with their regular support of many local non profit organizations. We have enormous confidence in their expertise and great respect with the knowledge that the owners and staff are good, honest, trustworthy people. If you need an electrical contractor, we recommend Capital Electric without hesitation.

    - Shelley Foltz, CCIM
    Managing Broker
    The Rants Group

IR Thermal Scanning

Infrared Inspections now provided by Capital Electric!

Capital Electric is pleased to offer its customers IR thermal scanning services. IR thermal scanning measures the infrared energy of an object and produces a visual image representing the temperature profile. When used as an equipment diagnostic tool, it is a quick and easy way to locate and address problems. IR thermal scanning is non-invasive and offers minimal disruption to equipment and personnel, in most instances the equipment being inspected does not need to be de-energized.

Infrared inspections are beneficial by providing real time data to determine defects that can lead to equipment failure. IR thermal inspection programs can provide a quick return on investment through preventive maintenance, reduced downtimes, and protection of adjacent equipment. IR thermal scanning also provides a documented history for specific electrical equipment and its operating conditions.

Capital Electric can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires/connections. This scan allows us to get an instant picture of potential trouble areas, effectively finding problem areas and repairing them before a real problem occurs. The most common pieces of electrical equipment inspected are fuses, splices, motors, starters, electrical panels, transformers, bolted connections and switchgear.

In addition to diagnosing problems, Capital Electric will provide its customers with before and after images to document the problem as well as show proof of repair performed. Please feel free to contact us with any question that you may have about this service. We look forward to working with you on your next project.